August 16, 2017

Familiarizing Texas CNA State Test Questions

There are plentiful job opportunities awaiting every Certified Nursing Assistant. From rural areas to big cities, there is a high demand for CNA. In Texas, there are tempting job opportunities and salaries for every CNA hopeful. If one has taken a course on a state-accredited facility, then he or she is ready to take on the certification exam. The main concern of every test taker is how to answer Texas CNA state test questions. Every correct answer is vital because it adds up to your chances of passing the exam. Every skill should be precisely performed to ensure a passing grade.

The certification exam consists of two main parts. Each part has to receive equal amounts of attention so as to illustrate comprehensive knowledge about the course. The clinical part, called the Texas Skills Examination, is the first part of the exam. A test taker has to perform several tasks instructed by an examiner. Skills should be performed with precision. Knowledge about this part is obtainable through training and different videos online. Everyone is expected to follow every instruction carefully and every task should be done with utmost care. After passing the clinical test, he or she is qualified to take the second part and answer Texas CNA state test questions.

In the last part, you are expected to use your full comprehension of your theoretical knowledge. This part is known as NNAAP Written (or Oral) Examination. Texas CNA state test questions are conducted in a written or oral manner. Some of the questions can be answered with the use of rational thinking. It consists of 70 questions in the form of multiple-choice. The test is prepared by the Pearson VUE. They are also responsible for test scores and they report the results to the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS).

The certification examination is conducted to assure quality CNAs. Each Texas CNA state test questions are carefully taught of to guarantee that future CNAs are well-informed enough to take on their jobs. Certification exam passers are listed on Texas’ Nursing Aide Registry to meet the requirements of CNA employers. With a license, you can have both legitimacy and better opportunities ahead of you.


  1. anderson robinson says:

    How many questions are on the Texas cna test?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      There are 60 questions. These are multiple choice. There would be 10 pre-test questions that are not scored. This is in exclusion to the other 60 questions. Other than this, you would be tested for 5 practical skills.

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