August 22, 2017

Find CNA License Number: How To Go About?

Before we proceed to how you can find CNA license number, let us first find out how you can get your CNA license number. A CNA license number is awarded to successful candidates who have cleared their CNA certification test. The CNA license number is an indication that the particular individual has completed their CNA training and is licensed to work as a CNA.

The CNA certification test can be taken by students who have completed their CNA certification course successfully in an accredited community college or institute. A CNA can find employment in nursing homes, day care homes and other health care centers. A CNA certification course usually lasts for few months depending on the state from where he/she has registered.

To be eligible for a CNA certification exam, a candidate must be eighteen years or above and must be free from criminal activities. The applicant must also have completed high school or GED equivalent. The candidate must have classroom and hands on training for at least 100 hours which can be completed in few weeks time.

Once the candidate has completed the CNA certification course, the individual must appear for a state CNA license exam which consists of theory and practical. The theory part of the exam is held for two hours and consists of questions that check your knowledge in the subject.

The practical part of CNA certification exam is held for around 35 minutes, where the candidate must be able to demonstrate his/her abilities in caring for the patient. He/she should be able to help the patient walk, get up from the bed, and move around in the room or outside.

If you have completed your CNA certification exam successfully, then you will be awarded by your state’s nursing board with a CNA license number, which has to be kept in safe keeping. It is a proof that you have done your CNA training. But many CNAs have lost or forget their CNA license number due to various reasons like they have a hectic schedule or they end up with other jobs, which by the way is quite rare. But, for whatever reason you have lost your CNA license number, you will glad to know that you can get your CNA license number back.

Let us see how you can find CNA license number.

The first step would be visit the website of your state’s nursing board and enter your social security number on the search box option. You can also enter your name in the name search option and enter in the first and last name option. This is also why you need to write down your social security number in safe keeping. If you are in Florida, you can call the registry at (850) 245-4125. You might also write to the Department of Health, Florida Nursing Assistant Registry at the mailing address: 4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin #C13, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-3263.

If that doesn’t work, you can directly call your state’s nursing board and contact them regarding your CNA license number. You will either receive it through mail or online. It may take few weeks for you to receive your CNA license number from your state’s nursing board.

As you can see it is not a difficult process to get your CNA license number back.


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