September 23, 2017

Find Out How to Become CNA Certified Online

If you want to how to become CNA certified online, you’ll need to fulfill the minimum requirements for the state you live in. Usually, you need to be at least 18, although exceptions are sometimes made if you’ve mostly completed high school. Students who didn’t finish high school may be required to take a reading test. Some states may require CNAs to be high school graduates or be willing to get a GED. You may be required to be tested for tuberculosis. Most states will also require a criminal background check, and your fingerprints may be taken.

When you learn how to become CNA certified online, you’ll find out how many hours of training are required for the certification. This usually ranges from 75 to 100 hours. Once you’ve been initially certified, it will only take a minimum number of employment hours to keep your license current. The CNA training includes practical, hands-on exercises and classroom instruction. Your teacher will be a Registered Nurse who has extensive nursing experience. She or he will cover all material that’s necessary for you to pass an exam.

The final step in learning how to become CNA certified online is to apply for licensing. This will be able to take place once you’ve successfully passed the CNA exam for your state. The exam will include both a clinical skills portion and a written portion with multiple choices. If your state allows online certification, you’ll be directed to the nursing board’s website to submit your application online. Most sites will have a verification area where you can find out what your certification’s status is. The paper copy of your license should arrive within a few weeks. Continuing education opportunities that count towards renewal may be taken online.


  1. How to be CNA certified?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      This is easy if you already have a school diploma or GED. Further you have to take CNA training. This would have practical hands on and theory classes. On completion, you have to take the NNAAP exam and become CNA certified.

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