August 20, 2017

Finding a Clinical Research Associate Vacancy

When you apply for a clinical research associate vacancy, it’s important to know exactly what the position entails. The main focus of the job is monitoring the clinical process. Good communication with research investigators is key. You’ll need to help ensure that established research protcols are kept. Visits are made to research sites to check the activities that are being conducted. The report forms for each case will also need to be thoroughly reviewed.


One thing that needs to be known about a clinical research associate vacancy is whether you’ll work as an employer for one facility or as a freelancer. There are also opportunities for clinical research associates to become employed on a contract basis. The pay rate may vary depending on the employer and whether you work on a contract basis or not. Working as a research associate in all of these settings will involve about the same level of experience. As with any job, you’ll need to compare the benefits that will be received with the benefits offered by similar positions. This will help you make a better choice.


Before you apply for a clinical research associate vacancy, make sure your resume is updated to reflect your current level of experience. Many applicants for research associate positions overlook a simple detail on their resumes that has a lot of importance. If you’re currently working as a research coordinator, which is required for most associate positions, you need to emphasize your data verification skills in addition to data entry. You also need to make sure you have an updated knowledge of Good Clinical Practices, which are essential. If you have some extra time to work with, it may help to take additional classes that will better prepare you.



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