August 18, 2017

Finding Clinical Research Associate Jobs In California

A Click Away


The internet is probably your best resource for locating clinical research associate jobs in California. Nowhere else will you find such a vast assortment of information pertaining to job openings. The best parts of using online resources are that you won’t have to spend a fortune in gas money, get stuck in traffic jams, or stand around waiting for a snobby associate to speak to you.


Regardless of which search engine you utilize, you should be able to get a rather extensive list of clinical research associate jobs in California which are possibly hiring. Just type in “clinical research associate jobs in California” in your browser  or other search bar. It’s that easy!


Where Facilities Are Located


To give you a head start, here are some of the facilities that may have available, and open, clinical research associate jobs in California. One facility you may want to consider looking into is Paragon Biomedical. Paragon supports phases I-IV clinical trials which offer support to biotechnology, medical devices, and new drugs in the pharmaceutical industry.


You might also be interested in looking into a facility known as INC Research. INC Research is a therapeutically focused, global research organization. They also specialize in women and children’s health as well as pediatric trials. This organization is rather large and usually have clinical research associate jobs in California available often.


The next place you may take an interest in is called Synteract. This clinical research organization was established in 1995 by two veteran members of the pharmaceutical industry and since then, has grown to amazingly large proportions which includes an office in Czech. This is a full-contact clinical research facility which deals with biotechnology, pharmacology, and medical devices. You can find Synteract at 5759 Fleet Street, Suite 100, Carlsbad, California 92008.


Just always be sure to read the company’s policies, rules, regulations, and mandated requirements before taking the leap to apply. Most may even have you fill out an application online, but its’s always best if you can apply to more than one place when you’re looking for clinical research associate jobs in California.


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