August 20, 2017

Finding Clinical Research Organizations In Maryland

Looking Online


The internet is one of the most powerful search, and informational tools, that can be utilized. Whether using a home computer, or one at a library, computers have opened doors for millions. The best way to find clinical research organizations in Maryland is to try performing a simple search. You can use any search engine available, then, type in the information you are seeking to find more about.


They’re Everywhere


Clinical research organizations are all over the United States. There are, on average, two to three organizations in each state. Clinical research organizations are key players in the worlds of science and health. Generally, pharmaceutical companies are the biggest reasons for trials performed by clinical research companies.


Entering Maryland


There are a few clinical research organizations located in Maryland. The first you can look into is Clinical Research Management. Clinical Research Management, or CRM, This particular organization is located at 411 Aviation Way # 220 Frederick, Maryland. Clinical Research Management performs clinical research in phases I-IV and has been established for fifteen years.


The second clinical research organization in Maryland you can learn more about is KAI Research INC. KAI has been in operation since 1986 and strives to deliver the best research available. You can find KAI Research INC at 11300 Rockville Pike ( 5th floor ) Rockville, Maryland.


Averion is another one of organizations which can be found in Maryland. This clinical research organization has over twenty-five years of experience. Averion performs clinical trials and research on things like vaccines, medical devices, and new drugs. You can find Averion at 225 Turnpike Rd. in Southborough, Maryland.


Finally, look into Bio Marker Strategies. This is a pristine clinical research organization in Maryland with a focus on cancer treatment. Bio Marker Strategies is a tissue-based cancer diagnostics company. You can locate this organization at 855 N. Wolfe St., Baltimore, Maryland.


You should always call ahead, or write the company, before making any appearances. These are places of business and research, and usually, they do not allow the general public to randomly roam around in the building where testing is performed. Getting permission to visit one of these clinical research organizations in Maryland is your best bet.


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