August 22, 2017

Finding Clinical Research Schools

Clinical research schools are found in every state in the U.S. Most of the campuses are located in larger metropolitan areas. The degrees that are granted are normally at the Masters’ level, with a concentration in clinical research administration or evaluation, research and measurement. Some of the new skills that will be learned as a result of the degree program include forming valid scientific theories, documenting information from experiments, and identifying certain patterns. Graduates will know how to implement their new skills very effectively.


Some clinical research schools allow you to take part of the coursework online. This can be helpful for busy students who still have to work at least part time. You will normally have to take some of the classes in a supervised setting at another school in your area. An introduction to the clinical research process is always included. Other courses include an overview of clinical protocol, ethical issues and information management. Capstone and practicum courses serve to help the student demonstrate how well he or she understands the material. Some programs have an accelerated format that allows the degree to be finished in less time through a flexible schedule.


An important part of choosing clinical research schools is making sure your choices are properly accredited. A school with good accreditation will be formally recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. It may be regionally accredited through one of six recognized accrediting agencies, or nationally accredited. Nationally accredited schools should have CHEA recognition. Another important consideration is what type of financial aid is offered. Most schools participate in state and federal financial aid programs. There are also scholarships available for many students. It always helps to find every available option before applying.


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