August 23, 2017

Finding Florida Phlebotomy Certification

Choosing a sensible career path may be a decision to make. Getting Florida phlebotomy certification is the most reasonable career path for every medical student. Certified Phlebotomists are hired to collect blood samples to help other medical practitioners to identify a disease, illness or nutrient deficiency. Statistics show (from that in Florida, 71 out of 108 phlebotomy job listings are looking for Certified Phlebotomists. Top cities in Florida has phlebotomy certification, like Miami, Tama, Orlando, St. Petersburg and Jacksonville, are all in great need of such professionals. Last 2009, phlebotomists take home $27,500 as their average earning and can make up o $38,000. Before taking all of these in consideration, we must first mull over facts on how to become a phlebotomist.

To become a competitive professional phlebotomist, you should have an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree. In this manner, you have to include 150-230 hours of training to be prepared to take the national exam governed by the American Society for Clinical Pathologists. The training may be completed in vocational schools, health facilities and community colleges. Florida phlebotomy certification curriculum includes instructions and techniques in skin puncturing and blood collecting. There are other certification exams other than the ones given by ASCP, but it should be noted that “ASCP Certified Donor Phlebotomy Technician” are the highest paid phlebotomists.

As to skills, phlebotomists should have the endurance to work long hours and sometimes on weekends. They should be reassuring, concerned and gentle when dealing with patients. Knowledge about basic lab equipments and computers is necessary. Phlebotomists are problem solvers and keen observants. They should have a strong stomach that can tolerate the sight of blood. Florida phlebotomy certification schools train students to overcome all their fears and accomplish their jobs better.

Community colleges, like Brevard Community College in Cocoa and Pasco-Hernando Community College in New Port Richey, help the state to fill up the need for phlebotomists. Finding the right school may be the first step to landing on a bright future. Florida phlebotomy certification cater every student willing to take on a challenge.

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