August 23, 2017

FL CNA License: Can You Get One?

The country’s healthcare system has benefited through certified nursing assistants (CNAs). The reason for that is CNAs have played an extremely excellent part by ensuring that patients are well taken care of, which is the ultimate aim for any healthcare facility. To make sure that nursing assistants perform their job well, the nursing board of every state in the United States makes sure that the capable individuals are taken.

It is the same in the state of Florida. The Florida Department of Health is in charge of setting up guidelines and rules regarding issuing certificates for CNAs. Those who have got their certification are expected to renew their licenses every two years. The Florida nurse aide registry can be contacted via email at, or via telephone at (850) 245-4567

Given below are few steps through which you can get your Fl CNA license.

Join a community college: The first step in becoming a certified nursing assistant in Florida is to join a community college that has been approved by Florida’s state health department. To enroll into a community college or vocational college, you will be required to submit a negative TB test certificate and have no criminal background.

Take a CNA test: To take the CNA test, you must complete your CNA course successfully. For that you will have to attend both theory and practical classes for at least 100 hours in total. Once you complete your training program, you will have to appear for the CNA exam, which consists of both theory and clinical parts.

The theory part will contain questions about your course and the practical part requires you to perform few CNA skills on a patient, which will be assessed by an instructor. To get certified by the Florida health department, you will have to score excellent marks in both the theory and practical tests.

Once you are certified by the Florida health department, you will be issued with a CNA license, which gives you the freedom to work in the state of Florida as a certified nursing assistant.

It is also imperative that you make yourself aware of the fact that you will have to renew your CNA license. Before your certificate expires, you will be issued with a renewal form 120 days ahead of that date. The date which you have been issued with the CNA license expires two years on December 31 in the odd or even year.

So, say you have been issued with your CNA license on June 10th 2010 then it will expire on December 31st 2012. If you don’t renew your CNA license before or on December 31st, then most likely your certification will be cancelled. Renewing your CNA license is not a tedious process you just have to fill up a form with needed details in one section.

You’re current employer will have to fill up the next section in the renewal form. You will have to pay the certification renewal form fees and post it to the Florida state health department.

As you can see getting a FL CNA license is a simple process.


  1. shayne mcgowan says:

    How do you renew your expired CNA?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      Renewal application forms should be with the state nurse aide registry. Requirements vary with state. So call them up and get clarified. Usually work experience under an RN for 8 hours in the last 2 year period is considered mandatory

  2. Can you get your license to be a certified nurse assistant online?

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