August 18, 2017

Florida CNA License Renewal: What’s In Store?

A certified nursing assistant (CNA) will have to work under the supervision of a registered nurse (RN). Your job would include performing tasks like giving routine care for patients, helping them move, prepare their bed, prepare their meals and taking vital readings of patients or your clients.

You will also be required to know how to use medical equipments during emergencies and perform minor medical procedures. A certified nursing assistant takes you in the entry level of the healthcare sector and is an ideal method to get an insight of what’s happening in the medical field.

In this article we will be discussing about Florida CNA license renewal. Certified nursing assistants or (CNAs) have a vital role in the smooth functioning of the health care system in Florida. If you are a certified nursing assistant in Florida and you are nearing completion of two years of your practice, then you might want to renew your license.

In the state of Florida, the nursing board or the Florida Department of Health finalizes the rules and regulations for renewing the CNA license.

Given below are few steps how Florida CNA license renewal is done.

Employment verification: You must maintain your credentials that are valid in the state of Florida. The CNA verification rules are little stricter when compared to other states. This is where your good working record plays an important role here from the last renewal. Usually you receive your CNA renewal form 120 days before your certification expires.

Your CNA license expires on December 31st of odd or even years from the date you are licensed. While submitting your CNA renewal form you need not submit work forms, pay stubs and copies of previous certifications. Through you can submit your form through online, it is better to post it. When you receive your CNA license through post, it comes along with the seal, which shows that the CNA license is genuine.
Completion of renewal form: You have to fill up and submit your renewal form to the Florida nursing aide registry. You as a CNA are required to update information that the nursing aide registry requires. Incase you have changed employment or lost your employment then you have to document it.

You can either call 850 488 0595 or visit to get the CNA renewal forms.

Fee payment: Your CNA certification renewal fee costs $55 and should be received before midnight on December 31. If you have failed to submit the renewal form along with the fee, your certification will immediately expire and you may not be allowed to work. So, make sure that you submit your renewal form along with the fees at the right time.

From the above article is becomes obvious that your CNA license in Florida can be easily renewed.

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