August 20, 2017

Free Certified Nurse Aid (CNA) Classes in Detroit, Michigan

There are many people looking to begin a career as a CNA but lack the funds to do so. It’s possible to receive free CNA training through The American Red Cross training course in Detroit, Michigan. The Detroit Branch of the Red Cross training program is part of the “No Workers Left Behind Act” in Michigan. Any individuals earning less than $40,000 per year can qualify for training.

Another route to take seeking Free CNA classes in Detroit, Michigan would be to contact local colleges in the Detroit area to see if they offer CNA programs. If so, you can contact the financial aid office to see if there is financial assistance or grants available for the training program. If you receive enough financial aid to cover tuition and books, you will be receiving free CNA training.

There are also some nursing assistant training programs that offer scholarships to students. CNAs are in very high demand and there is a shortage of them in most states so many of them offer scholarships. There are also nursing homes that do not provide CNA training directly, but may employ you and pay for your training elsewhere. Retirement facilities will often hire individuals and pay for their training to work for the facility as a CNA.

You can also search for nursing care facilities in the Detroit area and contact these providers to see if they offer CNA training for free. Candidates can often apply for employment as a nurse aid before they receive any training. Many of these facilities will hire you to work for them for an agreed upon time. You will be provided with free training to become a CNA as long as you agree to work for them for that time period.

If you are unemployed or receiving welfare benefits in Detroit, you might qualify to receive assistance to train to become a CNA and to take advantage of free CNA classes in Detroit, Michigan. You can contact the income assistance office or unemployment office in your area and express your interest in becoming a CNA. They can help you determine if you qualify for programs to cover the cost of the training.


  1. Michelle Preusser says:

    Can i take certification as nurses aid if i work?

  2. How to get free cna training at the American Red Cross Michigan?

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