August 23, 2017

Free CNA Exam Study Questions As An Effective Review Tool

To take and pass the certification exams for nurse aides is one of the most important things you need to achieve to be a certified nurse aid soon. If you have no idea how the exam would go about, then it usually comes in two major parts; the first one being written and the other the practical part. There are also lots of free CNA exam study questions that can help you review better and at least have an idea of the possible questions that you might encounter.

There are lots of online sites today which offer free or paid review classes particularly made for the CNA hopefuls which also include offering free CNA exam study questions. The physical facilities too that can also render such resources once you enroll in their CNA programs would be the Georgetown Nurse Aide Training Center, KY Health Training, St. Catharine College, West Kentucky Community and Technical College, and Madisonville Community College amongst many others. Make sure that you get the appropriate answer keys for your every review material.

Majority of the free CNA exam study questions come in multiple choices. This would allow you to understand it better and get to read it faster too. You can ask a close friend or a member from your family to help you review too. Such materials can help you get pretty much comfortable with the exam format that you can expect so that you will not at all be shocked once your actual testing day happens.

Remember that you must understand clearly and study well still your free CNA exam study questions so that you can be a lot more confident about passing it. If you do not have enough budget to spend to repeat it again, then make sure that you do not fail on your very first try. You can get to use these materials of questions and answers anytime you like even in your actual work as a formal CNA already. You can also freely share it with anyone whom you may know to be wanting to take the same test too. It would definitely give them as much help as it did to you.

  • Georgetown Nurse Aide Training Center, Georgetown KY, 502 867 7283
  • KY Health Training, LLC, Lexington, KY, 859 963 2901
  • St. Catharine College, 2735 Bardstown Rd., St. Catharine, 859 336 5082
  • West Kentucky Community and Technical College, 4810 Alben Barkley Drive, Paducah, 270 534 3110
  • Madisonville Community College, 750 North Laffoon Street, Madisonville, 270 824 7552


  1. How many questions on Illinois CNA test?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      Generally, this is said to be approximately 50 -60. However, you might have to take practical test where in your 5 practical skills would be put to test. That would be in exclusion to the multiple choice test that you might have to take

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