August 16, 2017

How Can You Get a Free CNA Training?

With the skyrocketing demand for home health aides and certified nursing assistants, a lot of people have started researching in this arena. A job that comes at a nominal cost is an ever accepted one! One such available option is to become a certified nurse assistant and getting into the job of a nurse aide.

One of the most attractive features associated with pursing a nurse assistant certification is the fact that you can opt for a free CNA training and complete the certification via sponsorships to get an entry level position in the health care industry. But getting sponsored for the free CNA training? and the certification thereafter is not that easy.

The first step towards this could be to research for the long term health care centers in and around your area. Vocation training providers and hospitals in your area would have the option of offering free CNA training for any one who is interested to pursue a certification there after but based on minimal eligibility criteria.

Online courses are yet another avenue of getting a free cna training. However, these courses are different from the CNA trainings offered by the health care facilities since the latter would have hands on and lab classes as a mandatory part of your training.

free cna training

Once you complete the training classes, it is important to take up the nurse aide certification if you want to become a certified nurse assistant. The exam is usually administered by the public health department of the state.

There are several health care facilities that are ready to sponsor this examination for those who have undergone the training in this arena. But this is usually based on a contract that requires the aspirant to work for the facility for a specified duration of time.

In addition to sponsoring for a CNA training class and the certification thereafter, such facilities would offer to sponsor for pursuing the Home Health Aides (HHA), Licenced Nurse (LN) and Registered Nurse (RN) examinations for those who have the initiative and drive to pursue further in this regard.

The Armed Services in collaboration with Spectrum Medical Services also offer free CNA certification for 10 spouses of the currently active military on-duty employees under their spouse employment program.

With so many options available, it is important to choose the one that best suits you in terms of cost, time and potential.


  1. stanton edwards says:

    How long to transfer to Washington CNA?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      It is easy. If you hold an active license in any other state, just call washington department of health at (360) 236-4700 and try to understand the process for certification by endorsement. Usually, you have to fill the pertaining application form and they would let you know about whether you are eligible once you make the submission

  2. Larry Rossiter says:

    How can you get an cna on line when you have to?

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