August 20, 2017

Free CNA Written Test Questions: Putting Yourself To The Test


With the “leaps and bounds” of important information you are learning in CNA class, it’s great that you have decided to challenge yourself. Free CNA written test questions will help you to see what the “big CNA test” will be like. Call it a little preparation, call it self-discipline, but whatever you call it, call it being a great CNA student. This is a good thing you’re doing!

You hear so many instructions during class that you sometimes feel overwhelmed. It’s okay to feel like a lot of information is being spilled out to you because it is! There was no promise or guarantee, written anywhere, that stated CNA training would be a breeze. As long as you are paying attention and taking good notes, you will handle the pressure like a pro.

The free CNA written test questions are easier, for some, than those on a computer. Having the written words make a great visualization tool that you can utilize to feel, and see, what is being asked of you. Some folks just remember things better when connecting it with written words. Others, on the other side of the learning-fence, may prefer multiple choice questions on a computer screen, and that’s fine too.

When you take the written test, you are gearing-up for the state test that you will be required to take, and pass, at the conclusion of your CNA training. Maybe, by completing free CNA written test questions, you can lose, or ease, any fears you have about taking the final test. It’s not unusual for people to have a fear of tests, after all, it’s going to be looked over by a professional who will pass or fail you.

Where To Look

Finding free CNA written test questions can be hard. It may take days, or hours, of scouring the library, internet, or asking your fellow classmates. Most often, you can ask your instructor if he or she can make you a set, or if they know where you can get some. The instructors usually have the “4-1-1“ on things like that, so they are usually the best place to start.

Questions, Questions, and More Questions

So, what kinds of questions will be on a free CNA written test questions paper? Easy! There will be a variety of questions for you to answer. Some will be hard, some will be easy, and some may require you to reply with a written answer that is about two paragraphs in length.

A few questions you may see on a free CNA written test questions paper may look like this:

  1. How many CNA’s are required to transfer a patient with limited mobility?
  2. How can you prevent falls in the bath/shower area?
  3. How many patients can one CNA feed during dinner?
  4. What position calls for a patient to lie on his or her left side, with the right knee slightly elevated?
  5. In your own words, describe the steps you need to take to shave a blind patient’s beard. This patient also has MRSA and is known to get very easily agitated with the staff.

The above questions are simply a sample, and are not a part of any test. They were written for example purposes only. Studying hard, paying attention, and asking questions in class will prepare you the most. You can also write out your own free CNA written test questions, using your text book as a guide.


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