August 16, 2017

Free or Paid CNA Training: Which Is Best For You?

Availability To You

Free or paid CNA training are usually choices in nearly each state in the US, however, some places may not offer both. No two training facilities in any particular state will have the same offers. While in Charlotte, NC, for example, you may get to choose between free or paid CNA training, but in Waxhaw, NC, you may only have paid training sites available to you. Though both are in the same state, the options available are different.

The only way you can really find out what is available to you, in your state, is to call around the different training facilities and get as much information as you can before making the decision. Calling, as opposed to driving, will save you the most time and money, considering gas prices these days, it’s everyone’s goal to save.

The 4-1-1

All training facilities will basically teach you the same things. It doesn’t really matter if it is a site with free or paid CNA training, the information is a common thread they both share. Instructors may teach the information at different points in class, and most will word them differently, use different teaching methods, and will test and quiz students differently, but the basics remain the same.

Sizable Differences

With most free or paid CNA training sites, class size is probably the biggest difference. With free CNA training classes, the number of students is usually small, making the class size small. Paid CNA training sites usually have larger class sizes because they are under size limitations, as opposed to budgeting constraints which tighten, significantly, with free CNA training classes.

Some people claim they learn more effectively in a smaller class setting. There are those, however, that claim they learn best in a larger group with more ideas and opinions. These differences can be influential factors for many, but usually, cost is the biggest factor. CNA training can be expensive, but most of the time, financial aid is available to potential students.

Cost Considerations

Since cost is a huge factor in your decision making process, getting all the information regarding prices is essential. Some training sites cost more than others, some may have payment plans, but all usually have financial aid options ( unless you are scoping out an exclusive, or totally private institution ). Filling out a FAFSA will determine your eligibility, and amount, of student financial aid, if any, which is available to you.

Either way you must go, do your research first. Write down everything about each place you call or visit. Compare prices, and look at the times classes are available so you can plan  them around your schedule. After taking a little time to weigh out all of your options, you can decide if free or paid CNA training is right for you.


  1. How can i find the best CNA class in Boston?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      There are several schools that would offer the training. However, just opt for the one that is near your residence. It should also be the one that best suits your requirement given the number of hours and the amount of efforts that you have at your disposal.

  2. Where can i get cna training paid in charlotte,NC?

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