August 22, 2017

Georgia CNA license

A certified nursing aide plays an important role in the medical sector. Healthcare of patients is the main reason why a healthcare facility is set up and nursing aides make the job easier on both doctors and nurses and on the patient. If you are from Georgia and are interested in getting your certification in nursing aide, then please read the give article.

Here is how you can get your Georgia CNA license. Briefly speaking, you will need to first complete the required certification program and then pass the certified nursing assistant exam. CNA licenses usually won’t be issued without the state and federal background check results.

According to federal law, a Georgia CNA license program lasts up to 8 to 13 weeks. Once the candidate has cleared the CNA exam successfully his/her name gets placed on the Georgia Nurse Aide Registry, which is a confirmation that he/she is a licensed individual can practice as a CNA in the state of Georgia.

Required Hours for Georgia CNA Certification

You need to know that different states have different requirements on the hourly requirements. The nursing board in the state of Georgia requires you to complete a minimum of 100 clinical training hours and a minimum of 75 classroom hours to appear for the CNA licensing exam.

The certification program usually lasts for 2 to 6 months, but it can vary according to the school that you have enrolled for your CNA program. The CNA licensing exam usually has two parts, which are the written and clinical part. The clinical part requires the candidate to perform few basic nursing aide skills like reading temperature of the patient or taking the sugar reading.

The candidate will be required to perform a minimum of five such skills in the presence of an instructor. But this can vary depending on the state from which you are appearing for your CNA exam and of course on your examiner who may require you to perform a few more demonstration skills on a patient till he/she is satisfied with your performance.

Georgia CNA Certification Prerequisites

Before joining or enrolling yourself in a CNA certification course in the state of Georgia, a candidate will have to ensure that he or she is eligible for the training program. State laws require a current background check to make sure that the candidates doesn’t have any criminal background.

Candidates will also be required to submit two cards, which contain their fingerprints, and two passport size photos, and a photo id. As a candidate you must also submit a negative TB test which has been done during the past 6 months along with a proof also be required to submit a high school diploma or GED.

Their you go, getting a Georgia CNA license couldn’t have gotten easier. Georgia nurse aide registry can be contacted at

Georgia Health Partnership – GMCF

1455 Lincoln Parkway East, Suite 750, Atlanta, GA 30346
Phone: (678) 527-3010 or (800) 414-435


  1. How to get cna certification in Georgia?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      Georgia’s nurse aide registry can be contacted at Georgia Health Partnership,
      1455 Lincoln Parkway East, Suite 750, Atlanta, GA 30346
      You can call them at (678) 527-3010 or (800) 414-435. It requires 75 classroom hours and 100 hands on experience hours for you to take up certification in this state

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