August 18, 2017

Get a CNA license by Answering Nursing Assistant Questions

Working as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) can be fulfilling, especially when you want to give care to others. As a nurse assistant, you must complete and pass the certification exam to be accepted in nursing jobs. You really have to do your best in answering nursing assistant questions during the actual test. Certified nursing assistants are assigned to look after immobile patients like injured, elderly and mentally ill individuals. CNAs or nurse aides are considered as the ‘helping hands’ of these particular patients. Nurse aides accompany the patients in everything they do, from eating meals to bathing and dressing.

There are two types of CNA exam: written and practical. The written part usually consists of seventy nursing assistant questions which you have to answer correctly to pass the exam. Since the written exam is very objective in asking questions, the test uses a multiple choice format. If you have difficulty in understanding written English, you can take the written exam in oral English or other languages like Spanish. Applicants must be refreshed about the basic concepts and terms essential to a nursing assistant. Most items will cover what you have learned during training school.

The second part is the practical or hands-on. In this portion, applicants are asked to demonstrate at least five (5) basic nursing assistant skills. An evaluator will assess nursing applicants if they have answered nursing assistant questions correctly. You are given at least twenty (20) minutes to finish each skill. You have to pass both written and practical exams to get a CNA license. Once you have completed the license test, you are now officially part of the CNA industry. You are now eligible to work as a certified nursing assistant.

There is no need to worry if you fail the written and hands-on exams. Most states in the U.S. actually give three attempts to applicants to pass the license test. You can also retake the portion of the exam on which you failed. Your ultimate goal is to answer the nursing assistant questions perfectly to surely pass the CNA test. More and more Americans are looking into nursing assistant jobs due to the increasing demand for CNA workers. Be part of the industry by passing the CNA license test.


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