August 16, 2017

Get to Know about CNA Salary in New York

There is a great chance for medical skilled professionals especially, Certified Nurse Aides in the state of New York. New York is ranked as the top ten in demand for CNAs. One needs to follow the requirements of New York Federal, statute and regulations; to be able to work as a CNA in New York. These regulations are accepted by the State for the safety and protection of the residents and also health-care workers.

CNA Requirements

The list includes:
• CNA certification
• A good standing employment evidence
• Clear criminal background check
• Physically equipped

Average CNA Salary in NewYork

The CNA Salary in NewYork ranges between $20,060 to $32,390
Generally, ranges from $8.13 – $10.20 per hour. The hourly rates of CNA Salary in NewYork shall increase as per the experience.

New York Training Program

The New York CNA training program should have minimum 75 hours or more both classroom and clinical training. The number of hours may differ in few state – approved training programs in regards to the classroom and practical training.

Renewing CNA Certification in New York

(1) 2- 3 months prior to your expiration date, a pre-printed re-certification form will be mailed to the CNA. In case you fail to receive any notice then, you can attain a renewal form by contacting the New York Nurse Aide Registry or visiting the State Registry website.
(2) For renewal, it is required that you must be employed, performing nursing or nursing-related services for minimum eight hours for pay within the past 24 months.
(3) The completed form along with required documents and fees should be mailed to the address mentioned in the form.

To renew Expired CNA Certification in New York:

(1) The New York Nurse Aide Registry should be contacted.
(2) If registry provides form, completed form along with the required documents and fees should be mailed to the address given in the form.

New York: Applying for Reciprocity

In case an approved Certified Nursing Assistant shifts to New York from their home state then, the candidate should contact the New York Nurse Aide Registry to acquire a transfer/ reciprocity form. The completed form along with the required documents and fees must be mailed. Apart from this, the applicant should have a good standing status in their home state and their CNA certification should be still active. On getting approval, the name of the candidate shall be mentioned in the Registry and then the candidate shall be eligible to work in New York as a CNA.

The New York State Information related to CNA can be obtained from :

NY Nurse Aide Registry
NY State Department of Health
Bureau of Professional Credentialing
Records Access Officer

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