August 22, 2017

Get to Know CNA Exam Questions for Pennsylvania

Because of growing medical industry in the U.S., the demand for certified nurse aides or CNA is greatly increasing. Nurse aides enjoy good compensation from their nursing homes or private employers. If you want to have a better career, you must answer the CNA exam questions for Pennsylvania properly to become a certified nursing assistant. Nurse aides are trained medical workers who give assistance and care to immobile patients. Their patients may include elderly, mentally ill or injured patients. CNA workers are expected to have passion and patience as they deal with their patients.

Being a certified nurse aide is not an easy profession. Psychiatric patients may behave violently anytime of the day. Nurse aides may be assigned to do unpleasant tasks such as emptying bed pans. By taking the CNA exam questions for Pennsylvania, it will measure the background and capacity of aspiring nurse aides. Your assessment from the certification exam will show how ready applicants are to work in a real nursing environment. If you failed the license test, you are not eligible to apply for any CNA jobs available in your state.

Applicants must prepare well for the actual test. Of course, every candidate has gone a long way to get a CNA certification. There are two parts of CNA exam questions for Pennsylvania . The first part is written, which usually consists of seventy questions. This part will test the knowledge of applicants by asking objective type of questions. Test instructions include multiple choice and True or False. You must get most of the questions correctly to pass the certification exam.

The second part is the hands-on exam. In this portion, applicants are required to successfully demonstrate basic CNA skills and procedures. CNA candidates are tasked to perform at least five (5) skills and procedures. Your performance on the given CNA exam questions for Pennsylvania will be evaluated by a designated person. Taking health measurements like blood pressure and pulse is one of the common skills performed during the actual exam. More importantly, you have to pass both written and hands-on exam to become a certified nursing aide. The Nurse Aide Registry will include you to the official list of nurse aides of your state if you pass the CNA certification.


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