August 16, 2017

Getting a CNA License: The Know How

The medical healthcare system has immensely benefited through certified nursing aides or CNAs. There are so many healthcare facilities which need trained medical professionals to take good care of patients. This void has been solved by nursing assistants who have been certified by their state to practice.

CNAs usually perform simple tasks like assisting patients in their cleanliness, helping patients walk, get up and reposition themselves in the bed. CNAs must also monitor patients and inform doctors or their superiors in case of emergencies. A certified nursing assistant must also know how to take vital readings and look after the well being of the patient.

Preparation to getting a CNA license: Let us see few pointers on getting a CNA license.

• To become a nursing assistant, you have to get licensed by your state in which you are residing according to federal law.
• You can obtain your CNA license by clearing the state CNA certification exam.
• CNA certification rules usually vary from state to state. But the basic qualification according to federal law is the students have to complete at least 75 hours of classroom training and 100 hours of clinical training from a state approved community college.
• Before you start preparing for your CNA certification exam, you will have to beware of the rules and guidelines in your state in which you want to work as a CNA.
• A CNA exam usually consists of two parts which is the written and oral. The CNA exam is held by the state’s nursing board to test the student’s in theory and practice.

Requirements for CNA license application: Given below are few points on how you as an applicant can get your CNA license.
• You will have to undergo CNA certification training program in which you must complete 75 hours of training in theory and 100 hours of clinical experience.
• To apply for the CNA certification training course you must be 18 years or above.
• Since CNA certification guidelines vary from state to state, few CNA training programs require a valid SS number.
• You must undergo a TB skin test within the past six months and provide proof of the test.
• Your must have a clean criminal record and undergo a background check.
• Always remember to join an accredited CNA license program to get licensed by your state.

A CNA certification program provides you training in the following:

• You learn how to take basic patient care.
• You learn about maintaining a patient’s hygiene, preparing a patient’s bed and laying their table with food.
• You will learn on safety precautionary measures.
• You will come to know how to maintain a record of your patient.
• You will learn on infection control, how to observe the patient, and take proper preventive care.

The most vital thing that an applicant needs to become a qualified CNA is good communication skills. He/she must know how to communicate with the patient and staff.

Upon receiving your CNA license, you can look for jobs in health care centers, day care homes, assisted living homes, homes for adults, and medical centers.


  1. How do cna licences look?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      Usually this contains the state department name, applicant name, status, issued date , expiration date and the status. This card is really great and speaks better amidst tight competition in case of job searches

  2. Jayson Barr says:

    What cnas should know how to do?

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