August 20, 2017

Getting a State-Approved CNA Program in Arizona

Nurse assistant program is intended to prepare aspiring students for them to provide proficient and safe patient care to residents in long-term health care facilities as well as in other areas where nurse aides are employed. The CNA program in Arizona shall provide students at least 120 hours of education which can be met in two ways. First, 120 hours of curriculum which consists of at least 60 hours of classroom learning and a clinical training. Second, a curriculum that completes at least a 60 hour classroom instruction, 40 hours of clinical learning supervised by LPN of RN, and a facility-based internship.

All nurse assistant programs must be approved by the Arizona Board of Nursing. This is to ensure that the standards of practice are met and the individuals involved in the practice of nursing are competent enough to deliver care. They assure that the program will concentrate on excellent education because this impacts safe practice. The purpose of the CNA program in Arizona is to give students the necessary skills and knowledge they need so as to pass the State Certified Nurse Assistant examination. To successfully pass the test, it is advisable that students have good reading skills.

There are numerous schools and training centers that offer state-approved CNA program throughout Arizona. The Arizona Medical Training Institute is known to provide CNA program in Arizona. The course includes an 80 hour of classroom education taught by certified professionals and 40 hours clinical application that is accomplished in a skilled nursing facility. AMTI is offering day, evening and weekend classes to fit some of their students’ busy lifestyles. Students’ investment of time will surely return dividends which are reflected in the knowledge and skills that will help them become efficient in their chosen career.

Another training institute that provides nurse assistant course is the MedStar Academy. They offer a 120 hour nurse assistant training program where 80 hours are spent in a classroom environment and the remaining 40 hours are consumed in clinical setting. There are more training centers and community colleges that offer CNA program in Arizona. Some are already listed below.

  • Arizona Medical Training Institute, 1530 N. Country Club Dr. #11 Mesa, AZ 85201, (480) 835-7679
  • MedStar Academy, 8282 W Cactus Rd, Peoria, AZ 85383, (623) 773-9000
  • Arizona Western College, 2020 S Avenue 8 E, Yuma, AZ, (928) 317-6000
  • Brookline College, Ste 125, 5441 East 22nd Street, Tucson, AZ, (520) 748-9799
  • Phoenix College, 1202 West Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ, (602) 285-7800

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