August 22, 2017

Getting CNA Certification Chicago

Your CNA certification Chicago training classes are taught by a Registered Nurse. He or she will have several years of nursing experience, and is also trained to properly educate nursing assistant students. Both clinical training in a healthcare setting and theoretical training in a school setting will help prepare you for your new career. Classes will usually take about five to twelve weeks on average, and this may vary by school. Some schools allow you to easily complete your training in four weeks through accelerated options. Healthcare facilities will sometimes offer training, with payment during the training period.

The area offers several good locations for CNA certification Chicago. This include community colleges, state universities with nursing schools and career schools dedicated to nursing. You’ll graduate with a certificate that shows you’ve completed the necessary coursework. The classroom training includes lab work, some basic care skills, and CPR. When you go through clinical training, you’ll study at a nursing home or other care facility. You can also take additional advanced courses if you may be specializing in a particular area as a nursing assistant. These courses are also helpful if you may be transferring to a degree program at some point.

The Illinois Department of Public Health supervises CNA certification Chicago. Once you’ve completed your education, you will have to take the Illinois Nurse Aide Competency Exam before you can work as a nursing assistant. Once you’ve passed the exam and received a license, you will be eligible for employment. You can find employment at a long-term care facility, home health care agency, or a hospital. Your immediate supervisor will be a Registered Nurse.

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