August 20, 2017

Getting CNA Certification Dallas

When you decide to get CNA certification Dallas, you’ll need to be eligible. First, a potential nursing assistant needs to be able to physically perform his or her duties, as well as cope with a variety of situations emotionally. You will need a high school diploma or GED, and some schools have special programs for prospective students who need a GED. Enrollees in a CNA program must be 18 or older, have a valid Social Security card and state-issued ID, and not have abuse, assault or theft convictions.

You can choose from several schools for your CNA certification Dallas. Each uses a curriculum that covers material required by the state. The state has a checklist of over 30 skills that a nurse aide needs to be able to perform. Part of your training involves theoretical sessions, taken in a classroom and lab setting. The courses also include clinical training, which takes place in an area healthcare facility. You’ll work with patients, while being overseen by an experienced RN. The exact length of time may vary by school and your particular schedule. Usually, you’ll complete your training in a semester or less.

In order to get your CNA certification Dallas after completing classes, you must take an exam. Fill out the application first so you can have a testing date set up. Ideally, you should do this about two weeks before your classes conclude. The fee for the exam must be paid at the time of application. A 70 question multiple-choice written test makes up one part of the exam. The other part includes demonstration of five skills learned during your training. Once you’ve passed the exam, you can be registered as a nursing assistant and receive your license to work in Texas.

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