August 22, 2017

Getting CNA Certification in Indiana

CNA certification in Indiana differs from the process in many other states. In most states, the same training is used for both nursing assistants and home health aides. In the state of Indiana, both positions require separate training and certification. The setting for the training is also a bit different. Instead of community colleges, most students take their training at the care facilities they’ll be working at or vocational schools. Some high school students can begin training while enrolled in school. You do not need to be a high school graduate.

All training facilities for CNA certification in Indiana must be approved by the state. 30 hours of classroom-style training are offered at first. Then, students complete 75 hours of clinical work. Much of this training is directly supervised by an RN, and the supervised part usually takes 16 hours. Some of the things that a nurse aide will be able to do after training is monitor patient conditions, read the information on their charts, and be able to interact with patients, other nursing staff and family members regarding the patient’s care. Good people skills are essential.

Once the training for CNA certification in Indiana is complete, you’ll need to register. Registration for CNA’s is handled by the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH). Once your details are entered into the Nurse Aide Registry, you’ll receive a paper copy of your certification, as well as an ID card. When you need to renew your license, no additional copies are mailed. Instead, prospective employers can verify your information through the Nurse Aide Registry. The Registry has an online verification system that can be used in a matter of minutes.


  1. How can i renew my cna license in Indiana?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      This is easy by just filling out the pertinent application form if you have had at least 8 hours of CNA work experience within the last 2 years. Thisis free in Indiana. However you might have to pay a few if you plan to retake the examination on expiration of license

  2. Wilfredo Puckett says:

    How to renew a cna license in Indiana in 2011?

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