August 18, 2017

Getting CNA Certification in Minnesota

In order to get CNA certification in Minnesota, you must be a high school graduate or possess a GED. Fingerprints will be taken, and it will be necessary to take a background check. This helps ensure that there is no criminal history that could jeopardize the safety of elderly or disabled patients. You’ll also have to take a test for TB that comes back negative and receive vaccines within six months of your application. This helps protect the health of the patients you’ll be caring for.

An advantage of CNA certification in Minnesota is that the state has a number of licensed schools and facilities where you can train. You can choose from a vocational school or community college, as well as a healthcare facility, if offered employment. The instruction period will take from two to six months, depending on the school. 75 hours of training are offered in a conventional classroom setting. You’ll also spend 100 hours working directly with patients under a nurse’s supervision. If you work at a facility for at least 90 days following employment, you can have your educational expenses reimbursed.

After taking the courses, you need one final step to qualify for CNA certification in Minnesota. This involves taking the National Nurse Aide Assessment Examination. Without this exam, you won’t qualify to work as a nursing assistant. It includes a series of multiple choice questions, as well as a demonstration of some of your skills. If you successfully pass the exam, you can be registered as a nurse aide. You’ll be able to find employment after your name appears on the registry.


  1. Can i test out for the cna certification in Minnesota?

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    Where can i take my cna test in MN?

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