August 22, 2017

Getting CNA Certification Indianapolis

One thing to keep in mind about CNA certification Indianapolis is that few community colleges offer nurse aide training. Usually, you’ll be trained by a nursing home if you’re pursuing certification. This is a good option, because it helps ensure employment. You’ll be able to get used to what working as a nursing assistant involves right away. The skills you’ll learn during your training offer good preparation. Another helpful part of this training is that you’ll be paid while you learn. This is a good option for students who need a job while they are training.

There are also some academic options for CNA certification Indianapolis. The J. Everett Light Career Center offers a six-week course that provides entry-level skills. Their training consists of 30 hours in the classroom and 75 hours of hands-on clinical training. Ivy Tech Community College-Central Indiana offers an economical certificate that prepares students for CNA employment. Students who are still in high school can attend the Walker Career Center. The program offered here takes two years, and is free as long as you finish high school. Students are able to easily seek employment after graduating from high school.

Both clinical and classroom training are provided. Some of the necessary skills include monitoring patient conditions, communicating with patients, the other nursing staff and families, and privacy issues concerning patients. After undergoing training for CNA certification Indianapolis, you’ll need to take the Indiana State Department of Health exam. This includes both written questions and a clinical skills assessment. Your questions are multiple-choice, and the clinical skills part involves demonstrating knowledge of some simple skills. When you complete your exam, you can become registered as a nurse aide.


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