August 22, 2017

Getting CNA License

Nurse aides play a vital role in the treatment of patients. They are employed in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and private homes wherever medical assistance is needed. They perform the different tasks registered nurses require them to do. They give their service and tender loving care to their patients from the time a patient arrives at a hospital to the time he is discharged. Obtaining CNA license is the best way to have a career path in medical work.

CNA courses are offered in almost every nursing school and community college. The Training program for CNA varies from a month to 3 months of both theoretical and practical studies. After taking up the necessary training courses a nurse aide can now apply for a job as orderlies. They do the same job as the CNA but their salary is a little lower. A nurse aide has to take the exam intended for the licensure. CNA license gives credibility and eligibility which can help them in applying for a job with a higher salary. Further studies can upgrade a nurse aide into registered nurses.

Nursing Assistants upon completing the training program can apply and sit for the CNA exam to acquire license. There are 2 parts of the exam. CNA license require nurse aides to pass the clinical and theoretical exams. The clinical exam requires the nurse aide to present the examiner the proof that she is qualified to get a license. A nurse aide must carry a volunteer and show the examiner what she knows in performing clinical duties. The theoretical exam requires the nurse aides to answer the set of questions correctly. Practice tests are available online to guide future CNA.

Some states do not require nurse aides to get certifications. Somme states compels CNA license. However it is of major advantage for a nurse aide to take the licensure exam and pass it even if the state of her employment does not need it. Many establishments prefer certified nurse aides and pay them high professional salaries. Passing the certifying exam for nurse aides may be the step to a bigger career of nursing.

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