August 23, 2017

Getting CNA Recertification Test Online For Free

If you have failed your certified nursing assistant test the very first time, you must not lose hope. In fact, this only means that you have to prepare yourself for the next test. You can now take the test once more and get the certification that you want to have. Now, if you worry about another set of expenses, you don’t have to. It is possible to get the CNA recertification test online for free. Yes, some sites offering CNA trainings will give you a complete package. This means that they will provide for the training materials and guide you for the examination. Once you have failed the first test, you will be given 2 more tries for free!

This can even go for 3 to 4 times in some other sites. This is because they wanted to ensure that the amount that their client is paying them will really go a long way. They give a package deal, and so and you have gotten their services, you can expect it to be there from the start until you can have your certification. If you have done everything to be certified the first time, there will be more or less no need to do the recertification. However, just in case you fail, it is great to hear that CNA CNA recertification test online for free can happen.

This time, you have to double your efforts and see to it that you will pass already. There are some websites that will give you up to two chances only. Thus, this time around, you have to make sure that you are well- prepared and the opportunity must not be let go of. Take note of all possible questions and remember the ones that came out during your first take. In fact, it is an advantage to you since you have already known more about the possible topics during your first take. Again, the CNA recertification test online might be easy, but you still need to prepare harder as this is your second try.

Hopefully, after this take, there will be no more retake. Just in case you fail again for the third time, you will be advised to get a refresher course. This will help you go through all the concepts once more. The only thing that you have to remember is that the CNA recertification test online for free is a special opportunity that you must not let go of.

Below is a list of schools offering recertification as well as online sites where free recertification can be done.

  • Walden University
    650 South Exeter Street Baltimore, MD 21202; 1-866-492-5336
  • Regis University Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions
    Loretto Heights School of Nursing Denver, Colorado; 80221-1099
  • University of Cincinnati College of Nursing
    3110 Vine St Cincinnati, Ohio 45221; 45221-0038
  • University of Phoenix
    3157 E. Elwood St Phoenix, AZ 85034; 480) 921-4271
  • 5 Star Training Center, Inc. CNA Class – North Miami Beach 39 NW 166 Street, #4, North Miami Beach, FL 33169 (305) 947-8141


  1. How long do it take to get a CNA Online?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      It can be anything from 3-12 weeks. Depending on the time you have and depending on the training provider and the state where you live, the time can vary a lot.

  2. Jacqueline Laguna says:

    Can i renew Arizona cna license that expired?

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