August 23, 2017

Getting to Know Various CNA Renewal Requirements in CA

License is crucial when it comes to giving care. Even nurse assistants are required to get their license before practicing their skills in a care facility. However, these licenses must be renewed after some time since their validity is limited. If you’re a resident of California, you may want to know various CNA renewal requirements in CA if your license is about to lapse. This will help save your time once it’s time to renew your license. The good thing about the Department of Health Services is it makes the licensing office more accessible online or through their contact number at 916-327-2445.

Completing the required number of work hours in a nursing facility is among the requirements for CNAs in the state. The California Department of Health Services has the Licensing and Certification Program and Aide and Technician Certification Section that indicates various CNA renewal requirements in CA to meet in time. In terms of paid work hours, this department requires at least a day within the past two years. You need to place the details of your past employers or even the latest of them to verify your work hours as well as the company details if needed. The department may also ask you to send this document at their mailing address at 1615 Capitol Ave., MS 3301, P.O. Box 997416, Sacramento, CA 95899.

Aside from working paid services during this duration of time, the California Department of Health Services include in-service training as one of the CNA renewal requirements in CA. CNAs must be able to complete at least 48 hours of continuing education unit training to renew licenses. CEU programs vary as students can choose based on their preference and future goals as a CNA. For instance, the Allan Hancock College offers CEUs for EKG/Monitor Observer, Mentor Training, Restorative Aide and others that will help people complete CEU requirements for license renewal. You can visit the Allan Hancock College at 800 South College Dr., Santa Maria, CA 93454 and call their contact number at 805-922-6966 for additional CEU details.

Lastly, every document processing requires a fee and this is the same when it comes to license renewal. The good thing about CNA renewal requirements in CA is the department offers several fee options based on the type of document and renewal procedure you’ll need. Live scan fingerprint process costs at $20 and $52 total for fingerprint card process. The total amount of $52 is for the fingerprint fee and the renewal fee. Cards can be obtained from the American Red Cross located at 2960 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz, CA 95062 and other agencies. Late fees may also be charged if applicable. These are just some of the license renewal requirements in California. You can check out the department’s contact details below as well as other renewal departments if you’re located in a different state.

  • California Department of Health Services. 1615 Capitol Ave., MS 3301, P.O. Box 997416, Sacramento, CA 95899, 916-327-2445
  • Delaware Board of Nursing. Cannon Building, Ste. 203, 861 Silver Lake Blvd., Dover DE 19904, 302-744-4500
  • Maryland Board of Nursing – Nurse Assistant Renewal Desk. 4140 Patterson Ave., Baltimore, MD 21215, 410-585-1938
  • Kansas Board of Nursing. Landon State Office Building, 900 SW Jackson St., Ste. 1051, Topeka, KS 66612, 785-296-4929
  • Virginia Board of Nursing. Perimeter Center, 9960 Maryland Dr., Ste. 300, Henrico, VA 23233, 804-367-4515


  1. myles steele says:

    How to get continuing education credits for cna renewal?

  2. Peter Crabb says:

    Can i renew my CNA on line California?

  3. Hi i am a CNA but i work in as a homehealth care worker. I wan to renew but in calif you have to work 1 paid day under a RN in a facility. anyone out there know of a way to get this day accomplished? i was thinking temp work. I have my on private clients and work for a service.. Not in a facility.. Any Ideas woudl help

    • CNAInstructor says:

      I would recommend that you take up any on demand work for a few days under a RN. If this is possible, I am sure that would be the best option for you since you would be able to testify your work experience through that! Else, the other option is to contact the local nurse aide registry over the phone and explain your situation. We can wait and see as to whether they have alternatives

  4. hi i would like to know how to renew cna certificate whille i am working in senior home and doing caregiving as resident assistant

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