August 18, 2017

Getting Your CNA Certification For Free: Is It Real?

Real or Fake?

Getting your CNA certification for free is very real in most states. There are some training institutions that offer free classes, but the number of participants they will take is usually very limited. In the free classes, you will learn the same things that you would be learning if you were partaking in a paid class.

While every state isn’t required to offer free CNA training programs, the ones that do must stick to the standards and teach the students the basic information all CNA’s are required to know. There will be book work, clinical work, evaluations, quizzes, tests, and even class discussions. Combined, all of these tools, or methods, are valuable assets that will get CNA’s from the classroom, to securing employment.

What About Me?

Well, if you’re wondering about getting your CNA certification for free, you will have to play detective. You have to put forth t he time, patience, and effort, to locate free training facilities in your area. If there aren’t any that are close to you, maybe there are some in a surrounding county you can look into. Be expecting them to ask if you live there.

Some counties have free CNA training, but they restrict the training to those that live in that county. It won’t do any good to go there and tell a lie because they will need to see your ID. It will be a waste of your valuable time, gas, and money, and they won’t be too thrilled with you either. Hey, you don’t want to earn a “bad name” in the CNA industry even before you become one do you?

Not Available

So, you have done all of the trying detective work and there are no ways for getting your CNA certification for free. It is a disappointment, and you may even be mad or in tears by now, but there’s other options available to you. Look into getting into CNA classes at your local community college. They usually have financial aid forms, too, which can reduce, or eliminate, the burdon of paying for your training.

Though you can’t get the classes for free where you are living, you can still become a certified nursing assistant. Don’t give up hope on yourself, your training, and don’t stop searching for the answers you need. If you want to, you can even write to your city department, or other official department which is relevant, and ask about starting up programs which make getting your CNA certification for free, a bright reality.

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