August 16, 2017

Getting Your Free CNA Testing Online Classes And Material From Reliable Providers

There is a wide array of options to explore if you want to be a certified CNA these days. It makes it a bit harder for those who are running on a tight budget but the good news is that there are free CNA testing online opportunities that you can find especially when you search the Net. There are many health institutions out there along with resource centers in the local community, colleges, and hospitals. In fact, due to the modern technology these days, you can also find a lot more made available online.

Examples of sites that offer free CNA testing online classes such as,,, and a lot more. You simply have to type in the right keywords in the leading search engines like Google and for sure you will be presented with a lot of potential results that can give you these free tests over the Net. It is important of course that once you find one, you also have a stable computer of your own too along with a reliable speed for your internet connection.

There may be a lot to find of providers offering free CNA testing online but it is important that you be cautious about which you choose and make sure they are legitimate. Much better if you can settle for the already trusted names in the line of hospitals and academic institutions. Many of the most reliable ones include that of the South University, Kaplan, Independence, Mountain State, and University of Phoenix.

There are so many scammers out there lurking in the online world. Before you even sign up for any free CNA testing online classes, you must make sure that you take the proper steps to offer protection to yourself especially when it comes to the payment part since you would be sharing your bank account information if you would pay online. Before you even forget, make sure too the state where you live in allows graduating from such online classes with rules and requirements varying per state. There are states that somehow do not consider such online training to be formal enough or legal.

  • South University 4401 North Himes Ave, Suite 175, Tampa, FL, 800 846 1472
  • Kaplan University,, 866 527 5268
  • University of Phoenix, 4615 E. Elwood St., 866 766 0766
  • Mountain State University, University Center, Martinsburg, WV, 888 612 7800
  • Independence University,, 800 972 5149

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