August 22, 2017

How Can You Renew a Lapsed CNA Certificate in Nevada Easily?

Before you have to decide how can you renew a lapsed CNA certificate in Nevada, you should have a chance to renew your CNA certificate before its expiration date. The recertification form is mailed out to current CNAs two to three months before their certificates expire. If you don’t receive the form within a reasonable amount of time, contact the state’s Nursing Assistant Registry. You must have received at least 24 hours of continuing education and worked for 40 hours as a CNA within the last two years. Complete and mail back the form or fill out the form available online.

How can you renew a lapsed CNA certificate in Nevada? If your certification has already expired, special steps may need to be taken. Contact the Nursing Assistant Registry right away if your certification is already expired. They will be able to provide the necessary information that you need to have regarding getting recertified. Additional fees will be required in addition to the $50 renewal fee. If you haven’t been employed within the past two years, you will probably have to retake the CNA exam. This can be easily scheduled at a nearby testing center associated with a college.

The issue of how can you renew a lapsed CNA certificate in Nevada will also depend on how much time can elapse before you need to go through training again. If you’ve been inactive for quite some time, you may need to be trained again. Once your certification is renewed, it’s good for two years. Once you’ve successfully renewed your license, you can use the Registry’s verification system to verify your certification. A new paper copy of your certification won’t be mailed out.


  1. bryon wilcox says:

    How do i renew my CNA license,

    • CNAInstructor says:

      you need to fill out the CNA license renewal form. Usually, in most states this is free if it is done on time. Else you might have to pay an associated fee and might have to retake the exam to get the license. continuing educational credits and work experience matters

  2. Alexis Aliston says:

    How much does it cost to renew your cna license?

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