August 22, 2017

How CNA/GED Programs Work

It’s easy for many students to go through a CNA/GED program. Generally-speaking, students who can successfully complete a CNA course can also pass a GED test. It’s possible that you can take the any GED coursework that may be required at the same school where you’re receiving the CNA training. If a GED is required, or you want to get one, be sure to check with the school to find out which options are available. Even if your CNA school doesn’t provide GED courses or testing, they can refer you to a school that does.

Each state has different requirements regarding the GED. You’ll find out what these are at the time of enrollment in the CNA/GED program. Some states may require a preliminary test to see what your current grade level is. If your education isn’t up to a certain basic level, some classes may be required. The GED is taken at a testing center, normally located on a college campus. It normally includes a mixture of multiple-choice questions and essay-style questions. It’s necessary to re-take any section of the test that the student fails.

Most states offer a similar type of coursework for CNA programs. When you’re enrolled in a CNA/GED program, you might take the CNA courses while you’re preparing for a GED. Several hours of classroom instruction will be required. This includes assignments to help ensure that you understand the coursework. A greater part of the course will include hands-on instruction in a healthcare facility. This provides students with the practical skills that they would need to know. Once a student has completed the necessary curriculum, he or she can take the CNA exam.


  1. Derick Prince says:

    How to re-test for your CNA?

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    Can you take cna course without a ged?

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