August 22, 2017

How Do I Become a CNA Instructor in Maryland and Do I Need to be an RN?

When you find out how do I become a CNA instructor in Maryland, there are several things you will need to know. One, you must be a Registered Nurse, or RN, with a current license. You need to have a minimum of two years of nursing experience. One year of this experience must involve caring for chronically ill patients or the elderly. You’ll also need to have a minimum of one year’s experience providing long-term care. Additionally, you’ll need to have some teaching background and training. This requirement can be fulfilled through either two years of teaching in a nursing setting or sixteen hours of adult education instruction.

After finding out how do I become a CNA instructor in Maryland, you’ll need to start planning for some additional coursework if you’re not already an RN. You will need to pursue either an Associate of Science in Nursing or Bachelor of Science in nursing. Some required general education coursework will be required first that includes English composition, chemistry, algebra and other courses that are generally part of a science degree. After the core requirements are fulfilled, students can begin the nursing portion of their studies. Both classroom and clinical instruction is a part of this. In addition to practical nursing skills, you’ll also learn about privacy and ethical issues.

How do I become a CNA instructor in Maryland? This is probably one of the best questions you’ll ask yourself during your nursing career. Nurses who have experience teaching will find that the market for instructors’ jobs continues to grow. It’s crucial to make sure that all your skills are up to date. Also, make sure you really have a good working knowledge of how to carefully explain nursing skills to those you’ll be teaching. Good communication is essential to providing quality instruction to students. The more informed you are and the more confident you are of your abilities, the more your students will learn.


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