August 22, 2017

How Do I Get CNA Certification in PA?

Obtaining CNA certification in Pennsylvania is a wise career choice for many. Many nurse aides work in nursing homes, and can also find employment in other settings like hospitals or hospices. Some of the things that nursing assistants must learn about include basic patient care, safety and emergency procedures, infection control and what rights patients have. Instruction in CPR is also provided, ensuring that you’re equipped to cope with a cardiopulmonary emergency.

There are several schools to choose from if you want to pursue CNA certification in PA. Nursing schools have affiliations with local hospitals or nursing homes to provide easy access for clinical training. You will have to have a high school diploma or GED in order to enroll. The course will usually take about eight weeks. Accelerated options may be available at some colleges. Generally most schools will require six weeks of instruction in a classroom setting. A week is dedicated to clinical work at a hospital, and another week at a nursing home. By the course’s end, students will have a good command of nursing skills in various settings.

If you’re going for your CNA certification in PA for the first time, you might want your instructor to help you with your application forms. This will help eliminate any possible mistakes that could delay processing. It’s helpful to do some studying while you’re waiting for your confirmation letter. You’ll stand a better chance of a good exam score. After you send the forms in, you’ll receive a letter that advises you of when and where to take the exam. Your license is good for two years, and you must have worked for a minimum of eight hours in two years to be eligible for renewal.


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