August 22, 2017

How Do I Get CNA Certification San Diego?

An important part of getting CNA certification San Diego is knowing what your new job will involve. Nurse’s aides or nursing assistants provide a lot of practical care in healthcare settings. They help provide basic care needs, often monitor a patient’s vitals, and offer needed emotional support for the patients and their families. This is an important job for both the care facility and its patients. Many facilities would be unable to deliver quality care without nursing assistants. There is almost always a need for CNA’s.

Your education for such a position will normally consist of a certificate. When you enroll at a school offering CNA certification San Diego, your training will usually take a semester. Some schools might offer dual certification as a home health care aide, expanding your job possibilities. You can also receive additional acute care training if desired, which helps in a hospital setting. While many choose to be a nurses’s aide as a career, some also decide to work as one while studying to become a Registered Nurse.

During your CNA Certification training San Diego, you’ll receive both theoretical and clinical training. The theoretical portion of the training takes place in a classroom setting. You’ll learn everything that you need to know about basic patient care, procedures and record-keeping. A lab course is also necessary. The clinical part of the training takes place at a nursing home or other care facility. You’ll be able to work with patients hands-on. By the end of the course, students can take the state exam, which partially involves demonstrating practical knowledge. After successfully passing the exam, you’ll be able to work as a nursing assistant.


  1. Where can i take cna certification test in San Diego CA?

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