August 22, 2017

How Do I Go About Becoming a CNA and Do I Need a Degree?

Becoming a nurse’s aide does require training and state licensing. A degree isn’t required, and in some states, you don’t need to be a high school graduate. You’ll find the specific requires for your state when you inquire about how do I go about becoming a CNA? Usually, you’ll need to be eighteen or older, or have at least completed the tenth grade. Background checks are conducted to make sure you haven’t been convicted of any offenses that would result in disqualification. You must also be free of tuberculosis. This can be confirmed through a chest X-ray or a negative TB test.

How do I go about becoming a CNA after learning about the requirements? You should check with schools in your area that offer nurse’s aide training. Many community colleges offer the necessary courses that you need to take. You might be able to take these courses at a healthcare facility if any in your area are licensed to provide instruction. In any case, the course will usually take anywhere from six to twelve weeks. The basic skills that you need will be taught, which include care, safety and patient nutrition. The training also includes hands-on skills in an actual clinical setting. What you learn during your training will result in a certificate.

A major part of determining how do I go about becoming a CNA also depends on taking exams. Each state has an exam that must be passed for a nurse’s aide to receive his or her license. The exam usually has 50 or 60 multiple-choice questions that cover different aspects of the CNA’s duties. After training and taking the exam, your certification will usually be effective for two years.

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