August 22, 2017

How Do I Renew My CNAL License?

A nurse’s job is a very demanding and stress filled work. Not everybody can become certified nursing assistants. The working atmosphere is quite tensed and your patience will always be tested by others around you. Others can be your seniors, doctors, and more importantly patients.

Their will times when you as a certified nursing assistant don’t keep track of time to renew your CNA license. This is where it is vital that you know when to renew your CNA license before it gets expired. If not, you are not going to be able to work in the facility anymore. You might be wondering as tohow do I renew my CNA license?.

This is something that is not taken lightly, and there are a few different steps to take to get it back. It will cost you a fee, but you pay it once a year or two. Keeping up to date on your professional licenses is important and places are not allowed to allow you to work with expired ones.

Here is how you can renew your CNA license.

Apply for a renewal form: The first step for you to get a CNA renewal form is to apply for a CNA renewal form. For that you need to contact your state’s nursing board registry. In case you might have forgotten the nursing board is where you got your CNA license from. Once you receive your CNA renewal form, you will notice that there are two parts in the renewal form.

The first part is to be filled by you and the next part will have to be filled by your employer. You will be asked few personal questions which will be used for verification purpose. Though you have online renewal forms, you will have to use the postal method to receive and send your renewal form.

The advantage here is that by sending your CNA renewal form by postal method, you receive it with a seal. This process may take few weeks at the most which is why you must always renew your CNA license before the expiry date. If at all you have an expired CNA license you will have to re take the CNA exam.

You can also find lot of information on renewing your CNA license from the internet. Your state’s nursing board website will contain all the relevant information that you need to renew your CNA license. You get to know things like when you should apply, how you must apply, and the documents that you need to submit to renew your CNA license.

The better the idea you have on how you must apply for renewing your CNA license, the quicker and simpler it will be. So, it is imperative that you renew your CNA license once in every two years. You don’t want to be left unemployed after working so hard for your CNA license. Make use of the above article and make sure that you renew CNA license.


  1. How can i get my cna licensing?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      This is easy provided you have a GED or a high school diploma. You need to get enrolled in a training program that offers the minimal requirements posed by the CNA registry of your state. On completion, you can take up the licensure exam to get certified

  2. How much i need to pay to renew mu cna liccence?

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