September 22, 2017

How Do iI Find My CNA License Number?

It goes without saying that certified nursing assistants play a vital role in the medical profession. As a certified nursing assistant or CNA you usually work under the supervision of a registered nurse. Your job role mostly includes providing basic care for your patients or clients like helping them walk, helping them use the toilet, and helping them lie down on their beds.

As a CNA you will also be required to know how to take vital readings of your patients like taking their pulse or taking their sugar readings. Almost all the states in the country have community colleges from where you can do your CNA certification course. Once you complete your course, you will need to write a CNA exam to get a CNA license.

You need a CNA license to practice your work in your state. Without a CNA license you cannot prove to others that you have completed your CNA certification training. If you have completed your CNA exam successfully, but haven’t received your CNA license from your state nursing board, then there is nothing to get tensed or worried.

You don’t have to keep thinking about, how do i find my CNA license number?

The given below instructions can help you find your CNA license number.

Visit your state’s nurse aide registry website: Almost all the states in the United States have their own nursing aide registry website. Supposing you don’t know your state’s nursing aide registry, you can look it up on the internet or contact your state’s nursing aide through post.

Fill up the web form: Once you are logged into your state’s nurse’s aide registry. Fill up the web form and enter information like your first name, last name and state. If you belong to the state of Idaho, then you will be allowed to search one term at a time.

Once you have entered all the relevant information you need press Enter. Your CNA license number will be listed on the results webpage along with your name.

Other options: Supposing you have received your CNA certification within one week, you will have to wait for a month before you can find your CNA license number in your state registry. In some cases, you would have taken your CNA examination under a program. In this case, your program director would have received your CNA certification.

You can request the program director to give you a copy of the documentation.

Wait for your mail: Usually the CNA license number is delivered to you through post. The mail usually depends on the postal service of your state. When you receive it, you can find your certification number.

Hope the article answered your question of how do i find my CNA license number? Good luck with your CNA work.


  1. how to find your nursing license number?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      Goto your state CNA registry page. There should be an option for verification. Go into the page and then enter your personal information and submit the data. Your license details should get displayed then.

  2. How to get back your CNA license?

  3. palmer estrada says:

    How to track down your certification number?

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