September 23, 2017

How Do You Go About Getting You CNA License and Necessary Training?

People in most areas can easily take training courses for CNA certification, which helps answer the question of how do you get about getting you CNA license. Community colleges often offer the necessary courses, as well as some larger hospitals. Rehabilitation facilities and nursing homes also tend to offer training for CNAs. Students who choose their school carefully may be able to have their tuition reimbursed by an employer. Others may be able to begin work as an orderly and become licensed as a CNA after a period of training.

When considering how do you get about getting you CNA license, you’ll need to take into account the amount of time classes can take. On average, nurses’ aide classes take anywhere from one to three months. Most schools have fairly flexible class schedules for students who are currently employed elsewhere. Part of the training will include classroom instruction using a nationally-approved curriculum. CNA course instructors are Registered Nurses who have several years of experience. You will also be able to use some of your skills in a clinical setting.

How do you get about getting you CNA license once you finished your courses? You’ll have to take your state’s exam in order to become licensed. The exact questions asked on the written part of the test may vary by state. However, the written exam does cover important areas of what you’ve studied in your courses. You should expect to have to answer about 50 questions in a multiple-choice format. A clinical skills test also makes up part of the exam. For this test, you’ll have to show an examiner from the state that you know how to handle a patient, usually with a volunteer.


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