August 23, 2017

How Do You Renew an Expired NYS CNA License Online? Is It Difficult?

The issue of how do you renew an expired NYS CNA license online mostly applies to CNAs who haven’t been working. If you’re a currently employed nurse’s aide, the state will automatically renew your license. The number of hours that you need to work to qualify for automatic renewal will change from time to time. The most recent requirement is a minimum of seven hours within a two-year period. The fee that’s required to renew your license is $40. Employers generally pay this fee for their CNAs.

How do you renew an expired NYS CNA license online and other related questions can best be answered by the New York State Board of Health. It helps to find out if you can actually renew your certification online before proceeding. Generally, you can still renew your license online if it’s been no more than four months since the expiration date. You will probably have received a document with a seven-digit PIN number before your certification’s expiration date. This number and a major credit card are needed to complete the renewal process online.

How do you renew an expired NYS CNA license online if you didn’t receive a renewal notice? Online renewal may still be possible if you didn’t receive this document. However, you should contact the Department of Health by phone in this case. It may be necessary for paperwork to be mailed to you to fill out. If you do need to fill out any paperwork, try to mail it back to the Health Department as soon as you can. This will hopefully allow you to have an active certification again as soon as possible.


  1. How do i find my cna license number?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      This number should be present in your CNA certification card. If you have lost one, request a replacement from your nurse aide registry. If you can’t afford to wait, just login to the web site of the CNA registry of your state and type the information it asks for. This varies with State. Then you can view this online in most states

  2. Tracey Vinson says:

    How to renew cna in NY?

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