August 22, 2017

How the CNA Sample Test for NNAP Can Help You

The CNA sample test for NNAP is created by the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program. The material found in this sample test is very similar to what you would find on a state CNA exam. Some of the areas that the test covers are what a nurse’s aide’s role is, the physical care aspects and the psychological care aspects of the job. The practice exam is in a convenient .pdf file that you can download and review. Answers are included at the end, and you’ll also find tips on how to replicate a testing environment as closely as possible.

When you use the CNA sample test for NNAP, it’s recommended that you give yourself two hours. This is the amount of time that you’d have to take the test in real life. Look at the outline provided at the beginning of the test. Read each question and the four answer choices carefully. Choose the best answer based on your knowledge of the subject. You’ll answer 60 questions in total. Use the answer key at the end to see which questions were missed. You may want to review the necessary subjects in your textbook and take the practice exam again.

Many students wonder if it’s worth their time to take practice tests. Use of the CNA sample test for NNAP is a good way to ensure that you obtain good grades from any exams that you take. Knowing what sorts of questions are asked on an exam and how much of the grade they count for will allow you to study more effectively for the exams. Students who use practice exams and other study tools generally have higher grades than students who don’t use these tools. If you’re assured of good performance on your exams, it will be easier for you to focus on what needs to be done for the licensing process.

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