August 20, 2017

How to Achieve CNA Certification in Mesa, Az

CNA certification in Mesa, Azwill allow you to work as a nurse aide in a residential or care home.  The average salary of a CNA in Arizona is about $25,000 a year.  For many elderly and/or infirm a nurse aide is the most contact they will have on a daily basis.  Many care receivers suffer from mental or emotional problems so the work can be demanding.  Nevertheless it is an excellent opportunity for those who want to work in healthcare.

If you are a nurse aide who has worked in another state, it is possible to obtain CNA certification in Mesa, Az, through the Arizona State Board of Nursing.  The application is available through their website under ‘Licensure and Certification’.  From there you can download Certified Nursing Assistant Exam / Endorsement Application forms.

However, if you have not worked as a CNA before and want to get CNA certification in Mesa, Az, you need to first complete a state approved training course.  There are a number of these in Mesa, including the Arizona Medical Training Institute (formerly the RSAA), CNA Arizona and Mesa Community College.  All courses cover the state mandated curriculum for CNAs in Arizona.

The state requires a CNA do 80 hours of classroom training plus 40 hours of practical training in a clinical setting.  Following the training CNAs must pass a competency test.  There are two parts to the test, a written and a practical.  The written test consists of 75 questions designed to test candidates on their knowledge of relevant topics such as: mental health, infection control, basic nurse skills, resident rights etc.  The practical test or skill test is designed to evaluate the candidates’ ability to complete essential tasks required of a CNA.  Details of the test will be available through your training course or can be obtained through the Arizona State Board of Nursing.


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