August 20, 2017

How to Achieve CNA Certification in Syracuse, New York

The state mandates that CNAs do a minimum of 100 hours training. There should be a classroom component as well as practical training, under professional supervision in a residential home or healthcare facility.CNA certification in Syracuse, New Yorkis possible even if you don’t have a great deal of money. There are several places in the area that offer free training courses.


Before enrolling on a free course, it is important to check that the course is approved by the state. This information can be found through the state’s department of health.  Once you have clarified this, look carefully into the program conditions. You might be expected to work for the institution for a set period of time after becoming registered, if this is the case, make sure the pay is comparable to other healthcare facilities.


To complete CNA certification in Syracuse, New Yorktrainees must sit a competency test after completing their training. This test is provided through Prometric.  Prometric administer CNA tests for a number states in the US, however make sure you are looking at the information for your state as the test may vary from state to state.


The test consists of two parts and candidates must pass both parts to be included on the CNA registry.  The written portion is 60 questions, to be answered in 2 hours.  The practical test evaluates the candidates skills in completing important tasks expected of a CNA.  Promtetric provides not only a full list of skills that may be assessed, but a practice written test. The candidate handbook gives details on registering for the exam, what expect on the day and more.


If you have been a registered in another state and would like CNA certification in Syracuse, New York, there is a reciprocity system.  Reciprocity is not automatic and you must complete the necessary forms.



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