August 22, 2017

How to Achieve CNA Certification in Texas

CNA certification in Texasgoes under the name Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Programs or NATCEP.  Whilst the term may differ to other states, the content is very similar.

CNA certification in Texasrequires prospective nurse aides do a training course of at least 75 hours which includes classroom instruction, laboratory training and clinical work.  The courses can be done full or part time and can be found in a number of high schools, community colleges and healthcare facilities across the state.  All training programs must be approved by the Texas department of aging and disability services.  NATCEPs are generally regarded as affordable.


Once the training course has been completed, nurse aides must then take a competency exam. There are two parts to the exam, a written and practical test and candidates must pass both to become a nurse aide in Texas.  The written exam is 70 multiple choice questions and can be done orally upon request.  The practical test requires the candidate to demonstrate their ability to perform 5 clinical tasks successfully, from a list of 34. The test in known as the CEP(competency evaluation program)  test and all details of the exam as well as the curriculum for the training course can be found on the Texas department of aging and disability website.


If you are a qualified nurse aid looking to get CNA certification in Texas, you must complete a reciprocity form. This form is available through nurse aid registry section of the department of aging and disability website for Texas.


In Texas, nurse aides are typically paid $10-11 an hour but this can increase if working in a hospital.  Many nurse aides use this job as a stepping stone in a medical career.  The job requires patience and a friendly personality coupled with the ability to distance oneself from situations.


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