August 20, 2017

How to Achieve CNA Certification in Washington State

A certified nursing assistant or aide typically works in a residential home or healthcare facility; however some also work in hospitals.   CNA certification in Washington Statemandates that to become Nursing Assistant Certified (NAC) trainees must complete a minimum of 85 hours of training, that incorporates a practical as well as classroom element.  In the classroom students will learn about patients’ rights, anatomy, infection control and other subjects relevant to taking care of the elderly and/or infirm.  The practical element takes place in a nursing home under trained supervision.


Once training has been completed, trainees have 90 days to complete the competency exam.  The exam for CNA certification in Washington State is provided through Pearson VUE, and materials regarding the test as well as practice papers can be found on their website.  The test has two parts, a written and practical.  The written exam is a multiple choice paper, though an oral version is also available if specifically requested.  The practical tests candidates’ ability to complete necessary tasks expected of a nurse aide.  A candidate must pass both parts of the test.


Two agencies are responsible for CNA certification in Washington State;these are the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) and the Department of Health (DOH).  The DSHS is responsible for ensuring all nurse aides meet federal requirements, approving all NAC training programs and maintaining the testing process.  The DOH issues the license.


If you are CNA from out of state, Washington State will recognize your status provided you meet their minimum requirements.  You should contact the DOH to find out whether your qualifications are sufficient.


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