August 22, 2017

How To Achieve NYS CNA Certification

The density of New York State populations gives employment for CNA’s many opportunities. What do you need for NYS CNA certification? First, the federal government passed legislation in 1987 mandating that each state approve their individual certified nursing programs. Each state must also maintain a registry of all persons who have passed certification tests.

New York has hundreds of approved training programs and opportunities for all types of CNA training. Requirements for certification are as follows: You must attend a CNA training program approved by the State of NY as well as taking and passing the NY State CNA competency examination. The Department of Health is the authority, which approves CNA training in the State.

The training program for NYS CNA Certification requires approximately 130 hours of combined classroom and supervised clinical hands on training. The program is challenging yet exciting to become part of a profession that serves others with compassion.

Some subjects in the program will include anatomy, infection control, personal care as bathing and dressing, the needs and skills to deal with mental impaired patients, basic nursing skills, the rights of patients, and physiology. Each curriculum is mandated by the State of New York.

Duties as a CNA in New York vary from facility to facility. The Registered Nurse assigns taskings and daily routines will be varied and you shall be very busy. In some venues you could be in charge of dining facilities or kitchens on the unit. You will never be bored!

When researching CNA training programs make sure they are legitimate. New York does not approve online training so eliminate that option. Local community colleges, adult education programs, community centers, and geriatric venues such as assisted living centers all offer training programs.

Final requirements in order to take the certification test in addition to the approved training is to submit to a criminal background check, and 10 pt rolled fingerprint that must be reviewed by the FBI. This will come as no cost to you.


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