August 20, 2017

How to Be a Certified Nursing Assistant in a Short Time

One of the easiest ways to find out how to be a certified nursing assistant is to contact your state’s nursing board. You can easily find out from them which schools and healthcare facilities offer recognized courses. The exact amount of time may vary, but you should expect your course to take anywhere from one to three months in total. Classes are taught using approved texts and curriculum. The instructors for nurse’s aide course are experienced RNs with a background in adult education.

Most courses on how to be a certified nursing assistant are taught in person. Some states also allow the classroom part of the course to be taken online. When online courses are permitted, the practical part of the course must be taken at a healthcare facility. Some of the skills that you’ll learn during CNA training include basic patient care, how to handle emergency situations, and interacting with concerned family members and friends. The bulk of your training will involve direct, hands-on interaction in a clinical setting.

Another issue that needs to be considered regarding how to be a certified nursing assistant is taking your exam. An exam is required in every state to fulfill licensing requirements. The exam has two parts that include multiple choice questions and a demonstration of practical CNA skills. Both portions of the exam need to be passed. Before you receive your license after passing the exam, you’ll have to submit to a criminal background check. This helps ensure patient safety. A drug test is also likely to be required. Once you’ve obtained your license, it should be good for two to three years.


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