August 16, 2017

How To Become A CNA Instructor In 3 Steps

If you have been contemplating how to become a cna instructor there are a few steps you will need to follow first. Nursing assistant instructors teaches students policies, practices and nursing fundamentals. They also watch over students as they practice what they are being taught in a classroom setting. Many certified nursing assistants work in a hospital, clinic or assisted living setting. Others may choose to teach others the skills it will take to become successful.

The first step in becoming a certified nursing assistant instructor is to receive an associates or bachelor’s degree in registered nursing. This is a basic requirement on how to become a cna instructor by each of the states. Receiving your degree from an accredited school will help prepare you for the National Council Licensure Examination. This exam will determine if you are eligible for employment in the field.

Become A CNA Instructor

The second step is to complete and pass the NCLE test before you can practice as a registered nurse. Graduates must pass this step before they can seek gainful employment in the field of nursing. Upon successfully passing the exam certification will be provided to the graduate authorizing them to work. Each state’s exam requirements are different. Before enrolling in a degree program you should check the requirements and align your major according to what will be covered on the exam.

One of the last steps in how to become a cna instructor is experience. Depending on the teaching facility many instructors are required to have a minimum of three years in the field before they can teach. Experience can be obtained from working in a hospital, emergency room, private office or clinic. The more experience you have the better your possibility of landing a teaching job. Instructors are expected to have a working knowledge of the expectations and responsibilities of a certified nursing assistant. The instructor must be able to communicate and demonstrate some procedures and tasks required of the nursing assistant.


  1. how to become a cna for free, requirements to be a cna?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      There are several CNA training providers that offer free study materials. Researching intently on the Internet and identifying such free but quality providers near where you reside are the keys that can help. If you have a high school diploma or GED, you can go through the CNA certification course and attend the exam to be come a CNA

      • Donna M. says:

        I want to be a CNA Instructor. I am an LPN for several years and also worked as CHHA for many years.

        I would love to start my own school simply because- the quality of CNA’s has drastically declined. I did teach a Medical Assisting Course and was greatly disturbed by the “quality” of education they received at this particular institution. It was awful. They passed almost everyone even though alot of the students did not show up for class and therefore they did not see the various skills demonstrated and so did not demonstrate them back. I refused to pass students like this and also those who cheated, lied, did not show up for class regularly, and even those who refused to behave in class. I was fired after less than 4 months. I tried to do what I could while teaching there. The instructors did not teach how to document either. Very poor, almost nonexistent “education”.

        • Donna, I agree with your posting. I also, am just now looking into starting a CNA class, and I hold the same qualities of yourself.

        • I used to be a CNA, then LVN, then, became an ADN, nurse, then, A BSN nurse. Through out those times, I also saw along the way in my career how undisciplined CNA’s have become. However, I have seen other CNA’s that are out- right outstanding. Nevertheless, I am coming close to the end of my Working days and would like to become a CNA Instructor and make a difference and show a few CNA’S what Bedside Nursing really is so that they enjoy the job just like I did. Good Luck in your efforts.

  2. Can you work as a nursing assistant before you get certified?

  3. CNA Programs Online says:

    Are they the same thing or do I need to be a cna before I can be a pca(patient care assistant)? I live in Ohio, if that matters. Please give me any information you can.

  4. Donna M. says:

    Actually, in Oklahoma you DO NOT have to be an RN to teach the CNA classes and you DO NOT have to be an RN to start a CNA training school.

    Other states are the same way. You will have to find out what each state’s requirements are.

    Donna, MA, CHHA, LPN

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