August 16, 2017

How to Become an Instructor for CNA Easily

An important thing to know about how to become an instructor for CNA is that you have to be a Registered Nurse. RNs have more of a degree of responsibility than nurse’s assistants. An RN also has either an associates’ or bachelors’ degree, both of which are optional for nurse’s aides. In most states, you’ll need to have two years of work experience as a nurse. If you don’t work in an elder care setting, you should get a years’ worth of experience in this setting. Prior teaching experience or training in adult education is also a necessity.

One of the necessary parts of how to become an instructor for CNA is taking a course related to CNA instruction. This should be taken at an accredited institution that’s recognized by your state nursing board. If you go through your coursework at an unapproved school, this could interfere with your ability to get a license as an instructor. Some states have designed a curriculum to use for instructors’ classes. This helps ensure that all instructors learn and teach the same type of material. Since all CNAs in a given state are tested on similar material, a uniform curriculum is important.

Once you’ve completed a course about how to become an instructor for CNA, you’ll need to become licensed as an instructor. The application for this license is handled through the state nursing board. Proof of your qualifications as an instructor will need to be submitted, along with your fee and application. Depending on which state you work in, a background check may be required at the time of application. Fingerprints are also usually taken.


    • CNAInstructor says:

      Usually, you have to be a RN. This might require you to get the 4 year bachelor’s degree first. After this,you have to get the RN license by passing the exam. then you might have to undergo the train the trainer course. Further to this, you would want to gain work experience and then become an instructor.

  1. Tammy S. Dinkle says:

    I’m a Registered Nurse with an Associates Degree in Science. I have 20 years experience working in Adult Skilled Long Term Nursing and Rehabilitation Facilities. Very much interested in teaching CNA’s. I’m licensed in Florida and in Kansas. Both licenses are clear and active. I have lived here in Florida since Sept. 2006. With this in mind what do I need to do to become a CNA instructor?

  2. I see this post is two years old, I am looking to find out how to start teaching CNA’s in Florida, as well, going to check out State Board of Nursing website

  3. I am an RN with 15 yrs experience. I am in Orlando Fl and have only a 2 year RN degree. I am also 52 yrs old and cringe at the cost of going back to school at my age and having student loans to pay off when I am 70. I am hoping to become an I instructor for CNA . Can you please tell me what the requirements are for the state of Florida???
    Thanks so much
    Dorothy :)

  4. Carol Elliott says:

    I am an LPN in GA and have been a CNA instructor for several years. Moving to FL in 2015. I am currently 66 and want to continue teaching. I have the train the trainer certificate issued in GA. Does FL accept LPNs as instructors. Also I am a First Aid and CPR instructor.



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